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The Hotels and Tourism Association of Swaziland is a non-profit organisation with members who are part of the tourism industry in Swaziland.

This week's feature:

Mkhaya Nature Reserve

Mkhaya is a private lowvelt reserve that is a refuge for endangered animals, this is where you can go to see black and white rhino and elephant from close quarters. The animals are in large fenced enclosures, so you are pretty much guaranteed a close view of them. Visitors are taken around in open Landrovers or on guided hikes. The reserve is a combination of acacia trees (often the flat topped trees that are the traditional image of African savnnah and big game country) and broadleaf forest trees. Accommodation is provided in an attractive tented camp beneath large shady trees. The reserve is not purtely for wildlife, the owners also run a herd of Nguni cattle on the 6200 hectare reserve. These cattle are the traditional stock of the Nguni people who arrived in southern Africa in about 450AD, bringing this distinctive breed with them. Today they are becoming increasingly rare as they interbreed with imported cattle - in a way they have been here for so long and have adapted to the African conditions that some people believe that they too are becoming indigenous animals.

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